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Virtual Tabletop Titles

Jeffrey Montgomery -

Using a virtual tabletop?


Certain unique file types are sometimes used with virtual tabletop platforms like Astral Virtual Tabletop, Roll20, or Fantasy Grounds. These platforms or programs let you play Roleplaying Games virtually with your friends.


Astral Tabletop

Once you have purchased the product, a "Redeem Now" link will be added in your order notes.

  1. Look up your order in your Order History and then click "view order" for the order in question.
  2. Scroll down to the order notes. You should see a graphic with the Astral logo that says "REDEEM NOW!" Click on that graphic to redeem your purchase.



Fantasy Grounds

If you purchased a Fantasy Grounds MOD file, then download links will be added to your LibraryOrder History, and to the product description page:



For any issues in using your MOD files, you would need to contact the Virtual Tabletop manufacturer for assistance:

Fantasy Grounds Support Email



Roll20 assets do not normally have their own file type, but are sold simply as standard JPG, PNG, or similar assets. If you have further questions regarding content designed for Roll20 specifically, you should either contact the publisher directly, or contact Roll20's customer support:

Roll20 Contact Us page




Other Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the red Contact Us button at the bottom left side of each site page:



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