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Can I submit non-English language titles to the Dungeon Masters Guild program?

Yes. Original content can be published in non-English languages. No direct translations of Wizards of the Coast titles. Please include a short description in English on the product page.

What category filters should I select for my Dungeon Masters Guild title?

Category filters allow Dungeon Masters Guild customers to find content relevant to their interests. It is essential that all authors use their best efforts to select only filters relevant to their titles and to limit the number of filters they select. This provides the best shopping experience for customers and ensures they find filters to be a helpful tool. (For example: A customer searching the Eberron setting expects to see content specific to Sharn or other locations in that setting.)

What do the best-seller metals mean, and how do I earn a badge?

When one of your titles sells a certain number of units and reaches a designated threshold, it gets marked as a bestselling title on Dungeon Masters Guild. This status is distinguished by badges marked with a type of precious metal. These bestseller badges are commonly referred to as “metal badges.”

There are a few caveats regarding sales thresholds:

  1. For this purpose, unit sales are counted on DMsGuild.com, not purchases made on our sister sites. For example, if your title has sold 103 total copies, but four of those copies sold on DriveThruRPG and the other 99 sold on DMsGuild, your title will remain Copper on DMsGuild until it sells 101 copies on just DMsGuild.
  2. Even if your title isn’t listed on more than one DriveThru-powered site, customers’ carts and wishlists are common across sites. Thus, a customer might add your title on one site, then complete their checkout on a different site where your title is not normally listed. In that case, the sale would register as being on the final checkout site rather than the site where your title was listed.
  3. Free copies, complimentary copies, and print-on-demand titles purchased at cost do NOT count toward these unit sales.

If you have recently passed the threshold and do not see a metal badge yet, please wait 24 hours before contacting publisher services; our servers sometimes need time to recalculate to award metal badges.

Here are the thresholds needed to earn each badge:

Copper: 51 units sold

Silver: 101

Electrum: 251

Gold: 501

Platinum: 1,001

Mithral: 2,501

Adamantine: 5,001

What does it mean to be selected by the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards?

You could be selected for any number of things. Those things include, but are not limited to, publication in an official Wizards product; inclusion in DLC or even main storylines for one of the games created by our digital partners; distinction as a member of the Guild Adept program, etc.

Will material be approved by Wizards before it is published?

There will not be an approval process by Wizards or OneBookShelf, per se. However, if you’re found to be breaking our guidelines detailed in these FAQ, there will be repercussions. For example, your content might be pulled from the site, you might be ejected from the Dungeon Masters Guild as a content creator, or you might receive no payment for copies sold.

Can anyone rate my Dungeon Masters Guild content?

Only people who purchase your content are allowed to rate and review it. Anyone can join the Discussion on your title page.

Can I rate my Dungeon Masters Guild content?

No. Self-reviews are not allowed.

It is encouraged to keep reviews of others' work positive and helpful, in keeping with the community atmosphere.

Can I become an administrator for the Dungeon Masters Guild?

At this time, all administration responsibilities are handled by OneBookShelf and the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast.


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