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Jeff Montgomery -

I already have a publisher account at DriveThruRPG. Should I use my normal publisher tools for submitting DMs Guild titles?

No. DMs Guild titles are managed from the My Content section of your Account page on Do not use your normal Publisher Hub to set up new DMs Guild titles. Royalties for DMs Guild title sales will likewise accrue in your customer account, not in your publisher earnings account. 

Can I use my publisher tools on my DMs Guild content?

DMs Guild content is associated only with your customer account, not your publisher account. The tools available to you for your DMs Guild content are found on the Account page of DMs Guild. They are a simplified subset of your normal publisher tools.

Can I release 5th Edition products for the DMs Guild, and then separately release different 5E products under the OGL?

Yes. Again, they are two separate programs. You can manage your DMs Guild content from your Account page on and then also use that same OneBookShelf customer account to create a publisher account on DriveThruRPG, separately managing your OGL products from your Publisher Hub there. Please do not use your normal Publisher Hub to set up new DMs Guild titles.

Can I release the same products on both DMs Guild and on DriveThruRPG?

Any content created for the DMs Guild, which is completely separate from your other publishing efforts, must remain exclusive to DMs Guild. It cannot be listed anywhere else, not even on, and will not be considered part of your publisher account (although it will be part of your “My Content” on the new site).

You won’t be able to cross-list other 5th Edition content (i.e., your other published OGL products) on the new site as they are not created for the DMs Guild program.


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