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What kinds of artwork and maps can I use in my DMs Guild titles?

The artwork (such as illustrations or maps) that you include in your title does not become part of the DMs Guild content that other DMs Guild contributors can then use. Here is general advice for these types of artwork:

  1. Art and maps provided by Wizards of the Coast. The art you find in the Resources for DMs Guild Creators category is owned by Wizards and can be freely used in your DMs Guild titles. No other artwork from Wizards of the Coast titles can be used — only the art specifically released for DMs Guild Creators.

  2. Public Domain Art. Art that you are certain is in the public domain can be used.

  3. Stock Art. Usage of stock art depends on the license associated with that stock art. Most of the stock art sold under the DMs Guild Resources category on DriveThruRPG includes a license that would allow it to be used in your DMs Guild titles.

  4. Commissioned Art. Usage of art that you commission from an artist depends upon your terms with the artist. You must have the rights or license to use the art in your title. The artwork does not become owned by OneBookShelf or by Wizards; you simply must have rights to use it in your commercial work.

  5. Creative Commons. This depends on the type of Creative Commons license. Some allow commercial use, others do not.


What are the rules for putting branding (logos, trademarks, etc.) on my DMs Guild title?

Content creators can create their own branding, but they must follow these guidelines.

  1. The DMs Guild logo must appear on your title’s cover. Use the following DMs Guild logo. This rule is effective June 1, 2018. Titles created before that date are still encouraged to have the DMs Guild logo on their cover, but are not required.

You can find the DMs Guild logo here:



  1. No personal branding images (logos, trademarks, etc.) can be on your product’s cover. These images may be on the product’s interior, but cannot be placed on the cover.
  2. Any personal brand, logo, or trademark used within your title must be original to the creator. These branding images cannot violate existing copyright or trademark laws, nor can they be derivations of Wizards of the Coast branding, such as the D&D logo and the Dungeons & Dragons logo.
  3. Content for Fantasy Grounds may have the Fantasy Grounds logo on its cover. Content for Fantasy Grounds must have the DMs Guild logo on its cover as well. Please see this page for more details about Fantasy Grounds.


  1. Guild Adept members may put the Guild Adept logo on their covers. They must also include the DMs Guild logo on their cover as well.


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