What kind of content can I sell?

Jeff Montgomery -

While nearly all types of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons content are welcome in the Dungeon Masters Guild, there are certain types we think are more in demand, and which we will tend to promote more prominently on the DMs Guild marketplace.

  • Primarily, we’d like to see short adventures that can be run in a single session, especially ones that can complement larger campaigns already published by Wizards (e.g., Tomb of Annihilation, Waterdeep Dragon Heist).
  • Also in demand are 5th Edition conversions of monsters absent from the 5th Edition Monster Manual and new backgrounds for players to use with their characters.
  • If you're inclined to make visual media, maps and character art bundles are also welcome to enhance campaigns.

Again, we will tend to emphasize content that would be useful for other D&D players looking to expand on existing official storylines, such as a collection of vampire spawn or other lesser undead useful for Curse of Strahd.

At the end of the day, the best content for you to write is the content you’re inspired to create.

If you have more questions about what types of settings/characters are allowed in your Dungeon Masters Guild content, please check out our Content and Format FAQ here:




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