Phone PDF Information and File Creation Guide

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What is a "Phone PDF"?

Traditionally, roleplaying books are converted to digital download PDF files using the same type of layout as for printed books. In most cases, this layout results in a PDF with pages appearing in an 8.5-inch-by-11-inch format. 

That format works well for reading on tablets and on desktop or laptop monitors, but it doesn't suit current phone-size screens. Trying to use a typical PDF conversion of an 8.5 x 11 RPG book on your smartphone can be a frustrating exercise in pinching, panning, unpinching, and paging or rapid-scrolling. 

Phone PDFs sidestep these issues by laying out the title with a page size that is based on popular smartphone screen sizes, which makes reading your title on a smartphone a pleasure instead of a pain.

It’s better if you see a sample Phone PDF than for us to tell you about one. Please use this link to grab a free copy of Onyx Path Publishing’s Pugmire rulebook, and then try it out on your smartphone: browse.php?discount=920e79d639

How do I create a "Phone PDF"? 

Please visit our Publisher Knowledge Base article to learn more about design considerations and file specifications for the Phone PDF format, as well as additional guidelines and recommendations for offering Phone PDFs.

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