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Providing some additional information on these issues will allow us to provide the fastest resolution to your problem.

If this is a problem with a printed book, please send us the batch numbers for the affected book(s). The batch number can be found on the back side of the last page the printed book. It will be six numbers, two letters, 5 numbers and a letter (123456ab12345c).

Please let us know which of our servers you are connecting to and your IP address. You can find both of those by going to

Many download problems can be solved by clearing your internet browser cookies and cache. Can you please verify if you have tried this yet?

Please let us know what operating system and version you are using.

Please let us know what internet browser and version you are using. Have you tried a different browser to see if that would fix the problem?

Please let us know the email address on your second account.

Please attach pictures of the issue and the packaging (if the product was damaged in shipping) to this ticket and leave a detailed description of the problem as well.

If available, please paste in the full text of the email that you received including the To and From fields and the coupon code that you were given.

Please let us know the correct current street shipping address (no PO boxes) as well as a working contact telephone number for the recipient.

Which Email Address Do You Want on the Merged Account

In order to prove that you are the owner of the second account, please let us know any of your order numbers from that second account, or some of the titles/publishers of products that you purchased through that account.

Please let us know if you would like a replacement or, if the product is usable and you'd rather have something else, we can get you account credit in the amount of the purchase price which you can then use toward any future purchase. Please let us know which you would prefer

Please let us know if any of your accounts is a publisher or affiliate account or if you are a freelancer. Merging your accounts can delete those settings, so we need to be careful.

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